As I’ve discussed in other articles on this site, the human being (total person) or soul is made up of three parts and four relationships.

The three parts

  1. Heart (Spirit or Will)
  2. Mind
  3. Body (Strength)

The four relationships

  • Heart (Spirit or Will)
  • Mind
  • Body (Strength)
  • Social connectedness

Leadership is something that involves the total person or soul. Leadership starts with the spirit and mind but involves our body (strength and actions) and our social relationships.

When you lead from the heart > Mind > Strength > Social relationships, you involve your whole soul or being into leadership in a way that amplifies your influence and creates a level of integrity and consistency that brings trust.

What are the 4 Powers of Leadership?

There are four powers that we must tap into to effectively lead.

  1. The power of the heart Heart (Spirit/Will) – Character, Passion, Paradigms / Mindsets flow out of our hearts. Effective leadership starts by perfecting and harnessing the power of the heart to do good. Heart and mind are presented as always interacting with each other. For ease of understanding, the heart may be seen as the unconscious realm while the mind, discussed below, emphasizes the conscious. Yet, as already said, these two are always influencing each other.
  2. The power of the Mind – For purposes of this discussion, mind refers to the conscious. The mind interacts with the heart to yield dreams and visions. It is the seat of our thoughts and emotions.  Problem-solving, strategic thinking, etc are functions of the mind. Yet, you can’t surgically separate the heart and mind. Even so, we know they are separate. To become the best leaders we can be, we must learn to exploit the power of the mind to its full.
  3. The power of our Strengths (body)  – Natural strengths/talents, physical performance, action, endurance, hard work, execution. Our genes are involved here and endow us with our natural talents and strengths. The power of our strengths allows us to shine as leaders and take steps that produce results and wow those we serve.
  4. The power of our Social relationships – Here emotional intelligence, connecting well with people, negotiating win-win situations become essential for effective leadership. This is where the environment impacts our leadership and also where successful leaders learn to design environments and relationships to enhance their leadership. Our personalities are formed by an interplay between both our genes and our social environments. There is a middle eastern saying that says, “ one can chase and defeat a thousand, but two can put ten thousand to flight.” That is the power of social connectedness in leadership that can occur when we start forming synergistic relationships.

The soul is the totality of all four aspects of the person working together. The 4 powers of leadership, therefore are the power of the kind of leadership that employs the entire human soul to influence people positively. Leading with the soul is leading from the inside out. It is leading from within, from the inner person.

When you understand this, you will start leading from inside-out. You will lead from within, not from without. You will pursue transformation of the heart before you try to impact relationships outside.

Leading is loving

Loving is sacrificing and serving. Love is laying down one’s life for our fellow human beings. In the context of leadership, love is laying down our lives for those we serve as leaders, putting their interests first before our own. The greatest statement I’ve ever encountered on how to love comes from Jesus of Nazareth, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. And love your neighbor as yourself.” To Jesus, God was not simply an invisible person, God was life, and light, truth.

Notice that when Jesus talks about loving with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength, he is talking about loving with all the fibers of one’s being. It is talking loving with the total being. Because leaders are servants, effective leaders serve with their entire beings. Leading is loving and loving is serving.

High-impact leaders lead with their entire being. They lead from within; from inside-out.

Notice that when I say, leading is loving, I simply mean that leading is an expression of love. It’s not the only way to love. We are all built to love. All of us are made for love and called to love. Those who love well use all their being to live out this call to love. Because we are created so differently, the way we love looks very different as we use our natural design and giftedness to influence the world around us.