In my more than 4,000 word article titled Choosing Your Strategy, I showed that strategy creation may be done in the following 3 steps:

  1. Choose your mission, vision, & goals.
  2. Analyze your internal and external context and environment.
  3. Identify, evaluate, and choose the best strategic options and pursue them.

Also, in my article, “The GROWTH framework: 6 Steps to coach anyone, solve difficult problems, and create strategy“, I introduced my GROWTH framework. In that article, I mentioned that the growth framework is an excellent framework for creating a strategy.

Let me show you how it aligns and embodies the three steps of strategy above.

GGoals and aspirations. Obviously, this represents step 1 above, which says, “Choose your mission, vision, and goals”

R-Reality. As mentioned in my GROWTH framework article, Reality involves both internal and external reality. This obviously corresponds to step 2 above, “Analyze your internal and external context and environment.”

O-Options and obstacles. This and the next step basically talk about identifying, evaluating, and choosing the best strategic options and pursuing them. The only difference is that my GROWTH framework nicely separates these two important steps into two.

W-Winnowing down and moving forward. See options and obstacles above.

T-Transformation or Paradigm Shift. This crucial step focuses on learning and correcting faulty mindsets. I didn’t include it (in an obvious way) in the 3-step strategy creation but is a very vital part of growth and effective strategy implementation. It can easily be seen as an essential part of the internal analysis that is part of step 2.

H-Help or Helpful capabilities, systems, and structures. This very important step also is a necessary part of the internal analysis covered in step 2. I love the GROWTH framework because it forces me to consider those things every time I run through the framework.