Why should you and I be interested in knowing the 7 personality traits of great leaders? First, because regardless of what we do in life, we are leaders. Second, these traits can be learned. Because they can be learned, we can improve our leadership ability.

Here are the 7 traits of great leaders

Great leaders are:

1. Courageous and strong but not careless and insensitive

I don’t know of anything that can be compared to fear in its ability to impede a person’s growth as a leader. Fear can stop any attempt at great leadership right in its tracks. Fear of failure tops the long list of fears that freeze us. Courage is not the absence of fear. It is having fear and still moving forward anyway. To be great leaders, we need to be very courageous. A strong leader has to be as bold as a lion, yet as gentle as a dove. Courage allows the leader to be decisive and carefulness allows him to be prudent.

2. Meek but not weak

Great leaders are meek but not weak. To be meek means to be patient, humble, and gentle. But don’t confuse this trait with weakness. Meek leaders have an inner character that is strong like a rock.

3. Dreamers but not daydreamers

Great leaders have to be effective visionaries. However, they must be able to come back to the real world and face reality as it is so that they can take their people from where they are to where they want to go. These leaders learn to deal in truth–i.e. to work with the reality as it is now, not as they hope it will be. By dealing with reality, they save themselves the agony of delusion and accept things as they are right now while working to make them better tomorrow.

4. Strong in faith but not lazy

Somebody once said, “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.” I’ve also seen this in reverse, “pray as if everything depends on you, work as if everything depends on God.” You have to believe and also work hard to achieve goals. There are some people who simply believe and pray and wait for things to happen without working hard to accomplish their goals. Great leaders are not like that. They pray hard and work hard.

5. Flexible but never quit

They are flexible methods and may even move people around. They may change their approach based on the season and challenges they are facing. However, great leaders never give up on their vision until they have achieved it.

6. Principle-powered but not dogmatic

Bad leaders lead based on their preferences. Great leaders lead based on principles as opposed to preferences. These leaders are powered by strong life principles. Yet, they are not dogmatic. They don’t think that their way is the only way.

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7. Humble but not timid

Great leaders are the most humble people you will see in their organizations. But don’t confuse their humility for timidity. These leaders can assert themselves well when necessary but are humble and considerate of others.


Our leadership ability determines how far in life we will go. Whether it is achieving our life purpose, working toward financial freedom, or achieving any other goals, leadership is the only way to success. The good news is that we can learn and become better leaders.