John Maxwell says, “Leaders Find a Way for the Team to Win.

Randy Pennington says, “The leader’s most important – you could say only – job is to influence others to deliver positive results. Results rule! Everything else is a discussion of the best ways to do so.”

  • A leader guides / directs the team to win.
  • The Team = leader + followers.
  • A leader is a person who has followers. If you don’t have anyone following you, you are not a leader; you are simply going on a walk.
  • To lead = “to go before or with to show the way.”–

A leader leads people from one place to another. His job is to go before them and show them the way so that they don’t get lost and end up somewhere else. A leader hasn’t done his job if he hasn’t taken people from where they are to where they need to go. A leader has to know the way—that’s why he is the leader.

You could say, “a leader is a person who goes before or with the team to show the way to win (accomplish a shared vision) by thinking strategically, inspiring and motivating, mobilizing, empowering, and supporting them.

A leader finds a way for the team to accomplish common aspirational goals. A leader succeeds to get things done and produce results. A leader takes the team to victory. If you aren’t taking the team to victory, you are not leading.

A leader finds a way for the team to win! Leadership is about winning! A leader guides a team to the victory of accomplishing a shared vision.  It’s about victory, about conquering. It’s about finding a way for all the stakeholders to win. If there is nothing to overcome; if there are no obstacles, no difficult journey to endure to a land where the people have never been and don’t know how to go, then you don’t need a leader.

The winning is accomplishing a shared vision for a purpose that is greater than the team. And he/she S.E.R.V.E.S the team till it wins.