A leader is a servant. He is a steward, not an owner. The people are the owner of everything. A leader is both a servant of Truth and a servant of the people.

As a servant of Truth:

  • A leader must see things through a truth paradigm that is based on group’s accepted core beliefs and values.
  • A leader’s ears must ring with the voice of truth.

As a servant of his followers:

  • A leader must see things through the eyes of his followers.
  • The ears of the leader ring with the voices of his followers.
  • A leader puts himself in the shoes of his followers and helps make their dreams come true.
  • As such, when he comes up with a vision, it’s not his vision alone. It is a shared vision. It is the vision of his followers because he sees things through their eyes, puts himself in their shoes, and his ears ring with their voices.
  • A leader serves as the guide for the team to accomplish a shared vision.