About Kenneth Acha, MD

Hello my name is Kenneth

The world needs that special contribution that only you can make! We all need that special touch that only you can give!

My greatest passion in life is to grow and equip others to achieve their full potential in life, lead fulfilled lives, do great work, and make a huge impact on the world.

I do this by through my research into what makes for a great life, work, and leadership. From my research, I create leadership products that help them bridge the gap between where they are today and where they dream to be.

If you want to contribute your greatest Life, Work, and Leadership to the world, you’ve come to the right place. I can help!

I believe you have greatness within you. I believe each one of us has greatness within and that we’ve been endowed with the power to shape our own destinies and positively influence others. I believe that if we unleash the greatness within all of us, the world will be an amazing place to live. I’m not naive to seek a utopia on earth. I simply believe that if we can inspire and empower people to unleash more of their great potential, that we will all be better off.

I believe that with help, people can shape their own destinies, take control of their lives and create the futures they desire. Each of us can succeed with our health, personal lives, and work lives. Each of us can make an impact through our work (or areas of calling), succeed in our personal relationships,  live long and healthy lives, and enjoy life to the fullest.

A great way to do that is through the habits of freedom. On KennethMD, we teach these habits that will help people set themselves free of the shackles that now bind them so that they can live freely, be able to dream, and pursue their dreams.

This blog will promote psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual healing and give people the leadership tools to shape their destinies. Here, you’ll find leadership principles and resources that will help anyone to shape their own destiny. If you are ready to take control of your own life and determine your future through the decisions you make today instead of waiting for things to happen to you, then subscribe to this blog.

We’ve all been given a treasure called life. However, to enjoy this treasure we need to do one thing: take control over it and shape our own destinies.

To learn a little bit more about me, please read my story and experience on our start here page.

Why I Blog

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