Adoption is the most amazing thing when it’s done right. Over the past few years, we have seen a lot of adoptions that have caused a lot of harm. I know this because, since 2005, I’ve founded and led an orphan care organization that has adopted children both internationally and locally. We slowed our international adoption because of the landscape that was full of adoptions that were being done in a harmful way.

But in this post, I share Christopher Ategeka’s story, an amazing example of an adoption that was done well. Christopher’s story is not only inspiring to me but has caused me to consider reopening adoptions through our orphan care organization if adoptive parents are willing to act like Christopher’s adoptive parents and sponsor a child in their home country until high school before they bring them over. From my experience, it will save thousands and thousands on adoption costs for the adoptive parents, save them a lot of headache and trouble, and also enable the child grew up in their culture, fall in love with that culture, and like Christopher, be much more likely to give back to it in the future.

This is really a fantastic story! Enjoy watching and share this post if you like it.