Blogging Template

To be an effective blogger means you have to write numerous posts. Perhaps two posts per week? That would make over 100 posts in one year. That can quickly become difficult. To continue to create excellent content, many successful bloggers use a blog template. I’ve found a blog template very useful and use it from time to time. However, I also love to spontaneously share my thoughts with my tribe without following any format.

The following is a format I’ve used and found to be helpful.

  1. Headline. Craft a headline that will draw people to your post.
  2. Introduction paragraph. In this paragraph, connect with the reader and give them a reason to continue reading. Tell them what they will get from reading the rest of the post. This is your storytelling hook.
  3. Image. Magazines do it. So do newspapers. Pictures catch the eye and pull people in.
  4. Body, part I: Story (personal or another relevant one). Great speakers and writers speak through stories. Nothing beats a well-told story. Tell a story that will bring home the point and help the reader remember the story. They may forget what you say easily, but they won’t forget the story.
  5. Body, part II: Use subheadings to make it scannable. Use numbering, bullet lists etc. Like a good sermon, your body should have 3 to 7 points. Too many may be overwhelming. Use short paragraphs, short sentences, and simple words. Dont’ forget to include some soundbites for easy sharing.
  6. Conclusion: End by recounting take home points. 
  7. Call to action. Also, invite people to interact with the content.