In order to conquer overweight and obesity, we must first know why we are overweight or obese. When we identify the root cause of our struggle with weight, then we can more effectively take care of it. Without first diagnosing the problem, we will only be throwing darts in the dark, hoping that something works. But with an accurate diagnosis of the problem, we can eliminate the root causes.

Obesity is multifactorial. That means a lot of factors are involved in the cause of obesity. As I have researched the subject, I have realized that the “energy-in,¬† energy-out” approach of the first law of thermodynamics while true is unsatisfactory as an explanation for obesity. The role of insulin, high carb diets, energy compartmentalization between glycogen storage and fat storage in adipose tissues provides a more accurate picture that satisfies the first law of thermodynamics and also explains many of the things we see.

I have created this diagram that easily breaks down the causes of overweight and obesity.

Causes of Overweight and Obesity



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