Different Types of Research

What is research?
“Research for me, in social science, essentially scientific research is the process, I mean on a really simple level it’s the process of collecting information about the world. Using that information to answer questions. What makes it social science, as opposed to journalism or something like that, would be the fact that we collect it in a way which is as systematic as you can possibly be, hopefully. And, we try and say something a little bit beyond the data itself. So, we try to make inferences on the basis of our data, two sets of conclusions. And they can be in terms of explanations about the social world, or they can be interpretations, or they can just be descriptions.” Rob Denny, Lecturer in research methods.

“Research is a systematic inquiry that helps to make sense of the world. And that helps to make sense of all the debates and interpretations that we have of issues of contemporary significance. But, I’d underline, line systematic inquiry. So, it’s not reading a lot of books and finding a lot of facts which gets us to a research question. Which is the place to begin research because it helps to orient everything you do. And helps to select what goes in, what goes out, what’s pertinent, what’s relevant. Answers all the questions you have about, should I include this, and how much time or space should I give to this? ”  Professor Sandra Halperin author of Political Research Methods and Practical Skills

“My daughter asked me many years ago, Dad, I know you work in university and I know you go and teach, but you also do this stuff called research, what’s that. I told her,  It’s something like finding out stuff and telling people about it. That very simple level. So, it’s identifying a topic or a subject that perhaps has not been explored sufficiently well in your opinion.  Exploring it, making some findings, presenting those findings to an audience, usually, traditionally in the form of an article, maybe a book. Increasingly now, obviously in different media as well. So it’s a very simple definition, and I, but I think, that, that does work.” Michael Hutt

According to the above lecture by this MD, there are three basic types of research

1) Descriptive Research

2) Analytic Research
– Historical Research
– Systematic Research
– Research synthesis

3) Quasi- Experimental & Experimental Research

According to the above video, there are 3 basic types of research

1) Survey

2) Experiment

3) Observational Study