Happiness is a choice we must make for ourselves. No one else can make it for us no matter how much they love us or how hard they try.

Happiness is a choice

Did you know that happiness is a choice? Did you know that you can make the decision to be happy right now and start being so? Did you know that there is nothing in all the world that can stand in the way of a resolute decision by a human being to be happy no matter what? Do you know that outward circumstances really don’t determine whether a person is happy or not?

Did you know that you can start creating your own happiness today and change your health, your relationships, and your life forever?

All this may seem like mere hype, but both history and modern science shows that happy people are happy because they choose to be happy not because of what happens to them. They are happy because they create their happiness. The good news is that you can do it too right now!

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