For several years now, I’ve been helping my patients lose weight, keep it off, and increase their health overall. Besides my extensive research and training in the area, I’ve been the guinea pig and tried all of the principles that I teach my patients. I lost 50 lbs myself and saw amazing results with my health. The name of my program is the intensive slim fit lifestyle, iSlimFit, for short. 

One of the things I recommend for my obese and diabetic patients is that they eat a low carb high-fat diet. Another name for that ‘diet’ is the ketogenic diet. A lot of research has shown the benefit of this diet for long-term weight loss. Even though it’s called a diet, it’s really a great and healthy lifestyle change, not a restrictive diet.

Because many of my patients know and adore Halle Berry, I often tell my patients about her experience with a low carb-high fat diet. Many of them get inspired to try when they realize that their idol has used it and seen tremendous results.  She obviously didn’t discover the diet but has used it successfully. Eating this way has helped her to live a tremendous life with type I diabetes. And at 51, you must agree that she looks amazing for her age. She attributes her great skin and agelessness to the diet.

Check out this video of Halle Berry revealing her “secret” to looking great. She says, she “swears by the Ketogenic diet.”

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