Oprah inspired me in this talk. From beginning to end, it’s amazing. I particularly loved, to hear her talk about the Power of Speaking Into Being, something that I personally believe and have practiced for years now.

I also loved the following quote from Oprah’s talk:

“What I learned from 4773 shows on the Oprah Winfrey show is that no matter what the subject, everybody is looking to feel accepted and validated. We all just want to know that we are heard and valued and that what we have to say matters.”

“Become more of who you are”

“Just be yourself”

“The way to your own truth, the way to a phenomenal life that only you can manifest, in the greatness that you were created to do is to just be your self. Just be yourself, that’s what God wants. That’s what the creator wants.”

“What makes you feel alive is your truth. What makes you come alive is your truth. Being able to understand what that is is what allows you to do what every human being is here to do. We are here to try to express the truest, highest expressions of ourselves. That’s what you want. That’s what I want. You cannot be all you were created to be, however you understand the mystery of your creation unless you develop a spiritual practice. You cannot get away with living on the planet as a spiritual being having a human experience without having a spiritual practice. You are spiritual beings who have a human experience. And you cannot be all you were meant to be unless you are willing to give yourself some time to nurture the spirit of you. The spirit that is you.”

I said Amen to all that.