To change the direction of any organization, change the leader.

How well an organization does depends on the effectiveness of the leader. That’s why when you see a company, church, city, country, state, sports team, army, or any type of organization that is underperforming, they look for a new leader. When a city is in trouble, the people elect a new mayor. When the country is in trouble, the people elect a new leader. When companies struggle, they hire a new CEO, etc.

How to change the direction of any organization

A person or an organization’s effectiveness is directly proportional to the strength of its leadership.

A leader cannot rise above his leadership ability. An organization cannot rise above the leadership ability of its leader.

A change in leadership is necessary when organizations are not meeting their goals or fulfilling their purpose and potentials.

However, firing the current leader isn’t the only way to change leadership. There are two effective ways to change the leader.

First, the leader can proactively take the responsibility to change himself–transform his leadership ability through personal development and growth–or

Second, the leader can beĀ fired and replaced with a new one.

It’s either grow or go.