The answer is pretty simple.

You grow a company or business by growing the people in that company. When you grow your people, their capacity increases. As their capacity increases, they will grow the quality of your products or services. In addition, their ability to impact your customers and serve them well will also grow.

Great companies are built on great people.

The secret to developing a great team, John Maxwell says, is in recruiting the right people to start with. No one has the time to take low-quality employees and make them great. The key to developing people is to start with the best candidates.

If you give one coach a team filled with talented, hardworking players who also have a great character and attitude, he will win championships with those players.

If you give the same coach a group of sluggards who have no talent, he may work twice as hard as he would with the talented and hardworking players and will have only frustration, losses, and headaches to show for. He will never win a championship.

If you are a great coach who wants to win, you have to start with the best players.