A few days ago, my old Honda accord gear got stuck in the parking mode. When I started the car, it wouldn’t move from park to drive. After some frustration, I watched a YouTube video that taught me that the brake light switch was broken. It showed me a makeshift way to get the car out of the parking position so that I could drive it to the mechanic to replace the broken brake light switch.

Because I was working the next day, my wife took my car to the mechanic. The car was repaired and I could drive without the gear being stuck in park. However, a new problem was created. The brake lights stayed on and would not go off even when the car is turned off. By the time I discovered the new problem, the mechanic’s shop was closed for the day. And it was the weekend. My brake lights stayed on all night and drained my car battery. So I couldn’t take the car to the mechanic for two days.mechanic fixing car

On Monday, we jump started the car and took it to the mechanic. He immediately knew what was wrong and fixed in about one minute. And we drove back home. As I drove home, I thought about it. Something that I tried hard but couldn’t figure out took the mechanic just one minute to figure out and correct!

Here is the life principle:

The problem you have right now will take someone just a few minutes to help you fix.

Are you stuck somewhere in life? Are you facing an impossible situation? There is someone who can help you get out of that problem. I believe that this principle is far reaching.

  • Do you have an addiction that you have tried for years to quit but haven’t been able to do? There is someone out there who can help you. It may not take one minute like it took the mechanic. That’s not the point. The point is that with that person’s help, a difficult and impossible problem will become a very easy and even enjoyable problem to solve.
  • Do you need a breakthrough in your business? There is a person with whom if you connect, he will open the doors for you.
  • Are you a student who is having difficulty understanding some material? Math, perhaps? There is a person out there who can make math seem easy to you.
  • Are you trying to lose weight but it’s not worked? There is also help out there that could make your challenge attainable.

We are not meant to live life alone. We are meant to live in relationship with others. Our help comes through connections with others. It’s a give and take. You connect with some to help them and connect with others to get help. There is help out there.

And don’t get frustrated if you try to find help but don’t initially succeed. Believe that there is help out there. A person can help you one-on-one, through a seminar, conference, a book, an article on the internet, a course, recording or tape, a TV show, etc. The ways another person can help you get out of your difficulty are endless. Your job is to trust that there is help out there, keep looking for it, and never give up until you find it.

In the past people talked about Six Degrees of Separation which meant that each person on earth was only six people away from every other person. That meant that you were only six people removed from the person who could provide your breakthrough. Because of connectivity of the modern era with telephones and the internet that help us reach people anywhere in the world, it’s not longer six degrees of separation. It’s now Three Degrees of Separation. That means you are three people away from any person in the world. And you are three people away from the person who holds the key to your breakthrough.

There is someone whose door you can knock who can help you meet the president of the United States if that is your goal. Think about that!

Remember, don’t try to do everything by yourself. Life is too short to try to do everything by yourself. There is no such thing as a self-made man or woman. We cannot travel the journey to our success without getting crucial help from people on the way. Don’t feel bad seeking help. Only make sure that you are also actively providing help to others as you live your life.

There is help out there. God get it! And help is needed out there. Go give it.