“A person’s life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.” Jesus of Nazareth

That is arguably the most powerful statement on minimalism I’ve ever heard. Life is not measured by how much we own. Life has nothing to do with possessions. Life uses possessions but doesn’t need possession to exist and thrive.

Yet, we live our lives as if it depended on possessions, titles, and accomplishments.

The things we pursue in life often choke the life out of us. The solution is obvious. Remove everything that distracts us from living, so that we will be left with only what matters.

Thinking that we are pursuing life by pursuing things, we are actually running away from finding life the simplicity of living.

For me, I’ve wasted a lot of my time pursuing things. I’ve known deep in my heart since I was a child that true joy was to be found in living simply, yet, I’ve been fooled to pursue what everyone else around me wanted – things, things, and more things.