Chronologically, we have the past, the present, and the future.
Many times, we spent the moment worrying about the past so that we miss the opportunity to enjoy what this moment brings. We ruminate and worry about what we should have done but didn’t do or what we shouldn’t have done but we did. We worry about what others have done to us. We worry about hopes that were deferred.As I get older, I’m realizing quickly that I’m losing precious time that I should be enjoying this gift of life and the people around me. Instead, I’m worried about the past that cannot be redeemed. I’m losing the present crying about my previous losses of the past.

Some people worry about the future, they fear that they may not be up to the task. That they may not face the future well and win. Just like those who worry about the past, the are sacrificing the present for a future that may never come.

I’m by no means perfect at this. I’m still learning and teaching myself to cherish this moment right now, to see, smell and touch the flowers. I want to taste their nectar and perceive how I feel. I want to stop worrying and instead spend time in relationships with those that matter.

I want to stop worrying about the mistake I made in my last article so that I can write a better one tomorrow.