A star disappeared in the clouds.
It rose from a nimbose start and shone glaringly,
Elated the hearts of men, and
gave counsel to the lost.
Men rejoiced in its radiance,
but only for a moment.

Where did she go? They query.
Like men with eyes open to the rain,
They mumble in the dark.
Their star has been swallowed up by the clouds;
Their lamp is no more.

Like the men of Babel, they are snarled up.
Women wail because the loss is sudden,
The hearts of men bleed,
For the loss is profound and
Children wander because their inspiration is gone.

In the days of her reign,
Men flocked to her coast; the wise to obtain wisdom,
The weary to listen to her encouraging tongue, yet
The needy to receive aid from her gentle hands,

But where is she?
An awkward gathering it is here today,
Unlike anything beknownst to her abode
The rich are gathered too, and like the needy they lament,
They ask, God why? Why?
But who knows the mind of God?

Though her light is concealed by the clouds,
It is not lost; like the sun, it burns forever,
Though men may not play under it,
It shines on, and her peals will keep rumbling on…

© Copyright 2005, Kenneth Acha