Speed Reading

To increase reading speed, do the following.

  • Pace yourself.  Use a finger/hand, pen, etc. to guide your eyes through the passage.
  • Eliminating subvocalization / Auditory reassurance. I tell myself, “See, don’t say”. You see the words, not say the words. You read by sight, not by sound.
  • Eliminate regression. Regression is going back and rereading. Avoid consciously going back to reread. Also avoid subconscious rereading via misplacement of fixation. About 30% of our time is spent rereading.
  • Take more info per eye fixation. Read groups of words instead of single words. Don’t fixate on individual words.
  • Read groups of words at a time. Don’t focus on individual words.
  • Decrease the numer of fixations per line to increase reading speed. The number of saccades will simultaneously decrease as well.
  • Decrease the duration of the fixations to increase speed.
  • Increase horizontal peripheral vision span and the number of words registered per fixation. Use Tim Ferris’ drills to help you do that.

When you read, take snap shots of groups of words and move forward and take a snap shot of the next group without wasting time (long fixations) or trying to sound the words (subvocalization).

“There are 3 reasons for regression: 1.) material is not clearly written, 2.) sentences that don’t make sense until the end, 3.) bad concentration. They recommend pushing through the material and placing a dot in the margin if you are unsure about something. That way if you are still confused after you’ve finished the material you can go back and review the dotted passages.” blogs.harvard.edu

Iris recommends that you spend 15 to 20 minutes a day practicing for the 3 weeks following and Iris speed reading class.

Pacing yourself: https://www.speedreadingtechniques.org/hand-pacing

Tim Ferris’ speed reading training.

Visual Reading