Tap into diversity to foster creativity and innovation

Both nature (genes) and nurture (environment) influence who we are and who we become. People have different backgrounds, life experiences, genetic composition, natural inclinations, heights, skin colors, passions, gifts, and talents. Research has shown over and over again that:

Diversity is the mother of creativity.
Creativity is the mother of innovation.
Innovation is the mother of invention.

If you want to create a highly innovative group, assemble a diverse group with different talents, educational expertise, life experiences, cultural background, and world views to work together on a common passion. There is a lot of literature on the truth that diversity drives innovation. A good resource that comes to mind is Frans Johansson’s  book, the Medici Effect.

How has diversity driven creativity, innovation, and invention in the world around you? If you are not well read on this subject, do some quick research on diversity and innovation and share what you’ve learned and how that shapes your views.