Every successful business or organization on the planet loves to do three things. I use the word love intentionally because, without passion in these three crucial areas, it’s hard to make sufficient progress to success.

1. Passion for Making a great product. Successful companies, like Apple, have people who are passionate about the product and seek to make the greatest product possible. Steve jobs was a passionate product maker.

2. Passion for Marketing and selling the product. Without passionate marketing and sales, even a great product will not fulfill its full potential and make all the impact it could make.

3. Passion for Managing money. After making and marketing the product, there must be people for whom managing money is their greatest love, their passion. These people will grow the money and help the company reach further.

Every successful organization has these three types of people with three different passions but the same purpose. One person cannot do all three things effectively. You can only really be a master at one of them. Each one requires specific gifts, talents, personality, and experiences.

Do you have an idea for a business or company?

First, identify what type of person you are. Second, surround yourself with people who have the other two passions. Form a team with them that can change the world and put your product or service on the map.