Everybody I know would love to gain financial independence. We all want to reach a certain point in our lives when we can happily say we don’t have to worry about money for the rest of our lives.

Don’t you also want that? I certainly do!

However, a lot of people are going about it the wrong way. We think financial freedom is to be found in making a lot more money. The only problem with that approach is that if you only pursue making more money without spending less, you will never gain financial independence.

For a lot of people, when they start making more money, they also increase their spending. The more they make, the more they shop. They buy expensive cars and bigger and bigger gadgets. For example, someone may go from driving a ten thousand dollar car to driving a hundred thousand dollar car because they are making more money.

The real secret to financial freedom is to work hard to earn as much as we can (without losing our souls in the process) AND to spend less.

You will reach your goal quicker by learning to spend less.

Also, many people focus on trying to make more. We all want to make more, but that’s not completely within our control. Yes, we can work hard but we can’t give ourselves promotions on the job. Our bosses have to do that. You can work hard as an entrepreneur, but hard work doesn’t always result in the kind of success we want. There are hard workers that aren’t very wealthy. You may work hard but the economy may not be favorable.

But the ability to spend less is within our control. We don’t need anyone else. All of us can learn to do it. We can decide today to become minimalist in our lifestyle, to declutter, focus on what really matters, and in the process spend less.

You can be financially independent sooner than you think if you learn to enjoy life to the fullest while focused on a few things and spending less. That’s one of the desirable side effects of becoming minimalist.