For human beings to do something, especially where change is involved, we must be motivated to do it. There are several theories and models that explain human motivation. To be effective as a leader, you have to understand and use several key motivational theories as you work with people.

We have talked about MAP: Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose. People are motivated to learn and master an area that they care about. That is mastery, autonomy and purpose also motivate people.

Simon Sinek has reminded us that great leaders, like MLK, the Wright Brothers, and Steve Jobs at Apple,  inspire everyone to take action because they start with why. They start with why, then how, then what.

Today, we look at the pain-pleasure principle. “Human behavior is motivated by two things – seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.” Read this Columbia University article.

Take some time and reflect on that and see how fundamental it is. It explains a lot of human behavior.