There is no weapon more powerful than love.

There is no force more omnipotent than love.

With love, a sheep can calm the wrath of a lion.

Love has the power to break every chain.

The greatest and the most powerful show their strength through love.

They flex their muscle by laying down their lives, sacrificing, and loving.

Love is their weapon of choice. It’s not plan B.

Why? Because there isn’t any greater power than love. Love is the atomic bomb. It is the hydrogen bomb.

Because there is no power greater than love in the entire universe.

Love is the atomic bomb. It is the hydrogen bomb.

It is capable of breaking every ego and melting every heart of stone.

When we think of love, often, we think of the warm emotions that we feel when we are loved or when we love.

Love is greater and deeper than that.

Love has the power to cut and to heal.

Love hurts, but its power is much greater than the pain that goes with loving.

Any effort to strengthen a relationship, bring about transformation, make an impact, serve customers well that is not rooted in learning how to love people deeply eventually fails.

Love is the greatest, and there are no shortcuts.

Those who are weak try to avoid the pain that comes with loving. They instead focus on learning skills and techniques to get the job of love done.

They focus on procedures, protocols, and self-help.

The wise and the greatest know that love is the only true way to everlasting joy and impact, and they choose it and despise the pain that comes with loving.