There are many things that good leaders most do. One thing that every good leader must do is to spend a lot of time looking for ways to make the lives of his people better beyond the boundaries of the job.

A leader must think about the future of his core people beyond the work that they do together. He must “worry” about their health, life visions, kids, families, retirement, and everything that matters to his people. A leader must think about these things more than the people themselves. A good leader cares deeply about the future and success of his people and he works tirelessly to make them better.

Notice that this aspect of a leader’s job has nothing to do with the job or shared vision at hand. It has everything to do with caring deeply, thinking about their needs even before they do, and working hard to help them plan for a better future. In this way, great leaders are like good parents without any patronizingĀ feelings or talk.