James J Braddock

James Braddock was an American boxer who was heavyweight champion between 1935 & 1937. Braddock and his family suffered through the Great Depression. He became known as Cinderella Man because of his apparent meteoric rise from poverty to fame. For the champion, it didn’t come easy even though the name “Cinderella” man may cause some to think some good fortune simply befell him. 

What made Braddock successful as a fighter?

His motivation to provide “milk” for his family and keep his kids from stealing. He had seen electricity cut off in the winter and his children fall sick because of the cold. He had seen his son steal food. He had seen his daughter ask for more food when there was none. He himself had gone hungry many times. He looked for work but there were no jobs. He had to beg to keep his family together. When Braddock was in the ring, he was fighting to win or die for his family. Because of his love for his family and his desire to take them out of poverty no matter the cost to his life, he as willing to die to make sure that his family never lacked.

“If a man has not discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.” Martin Luther King Jr

Braddock was able to face fierce opponents and triumph because he was fighting for something he was willing to die for.

When Braddock was in the ring, he was fighting to win or die for his family. When you are in the ring, what are you fighting for? What motivates you? What is that one thing in your life that you are willing to give it all in order to achieve? What are you willing to die for?

Actor Russell Crowe beautifully portrays the life of the heavyweight champion the movie, Cinderella man, titled after the fighters nickname.