The road to success is riddled with many obstacles. One common one is our past success.

How do past successes become an obstacle, you may ask? They make us prideful and such pride blinds us. It also makes us believe that future problems will present as old problems did. When it doesn’t happen, we are taken off guard. Another way  past success might hinder our progress is that we become fixed in our ways and become inflexible in our approaches. We may also become comfortable and complacent.

When Our Past Success Becomes An Obstacle

When past success becomes an obstacle, what do you do? How do you overcome the obstacle called past success?

Here is what I’ve discovered works:

Don’t consider yourself to have made it or achieved anything significant. Don’t see yourself as an expert in anything. Instead, forget everything you’ve achieved. Become blind to everything that is behind you–in your past–and push your way forward relentlessly to achieve success. Be hungry to learn and succeed. As the thirsty deer pants for streams of water, so should your soul long for learning. As it seeks water, so should you seek success. Because if you seek it, you will find it if you seek it with all your heart.