When the Heavens Shine on you and Want to Bless you

When the heavens what to bless you, you don’t win the lottery, you don’t get someone to walk into your life and write you a fat check, you don’t get a huge inheritance from a passing relative. I’m not saying these things are necessarily bad.

I have been observing people who have been blessed for years now. One thing I find repeating itself over and over is that when the heavens smile at a person and want to bless them, they bring an influential person into their life.

Life happens in seasons. And people don’t grow following the exponential curve. Instead, after a long trial, there is a period of rapid growth that is followed by a plateau of during which trials happen. Sometimes, progress happens 10 steps forward and three steps back. Regardless of the nonlinear path that your progress takes, before every growth spurt, there is a person who comes into one’s life who becomes the catalyst for that change.

An every season of growth and blessing has its own catalyst. Throughout my life, I’ve had many catalysts for the different seasons of my growth. If you look at your life, you will see the same thing. If we become keen observers of life, I think at the end of our lives we will each be able to point to 10 to 20 or even more people who were key catalysts for different stages of our growth and blessings.

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” Sir Isaac Newton.

I think that, like Sir Isaac Newton, if we are to live great lives, we must all stand on the shoulder of giants. And I think that every time that the heavens smile at you and want to bless you, they send a giant for you to stand on their shoulders to get to the next stage in the evolution of your life.