Are you overwhelmed with work and would like some help? Want to delegate some duties to others so that you can free some time to spend with loved ones?

Where to Hire a Virtual Assistant  With the internet, it’s very easy to find a virtual assistant who can help you do a one-time project or work with you monthly as an employee. Below, I share some sites that that could help you find a virtual assistant. : Fiver allows you to hire someone to do something starting from just $5! I’ve used it in the past and have loved it. If you are looking for work that is very professional, then you won’t get it for $5. You have to look elsewhere or pay a professional on more money for more professional work. : Elance allows businesses to find, hire, collaborate with and pay top online freelancers from 170+ countries. It is a community of over 2.5 million freelancers and 500,000 businesses.  I’ve used and it’s easy to hire a  freelancer. On it you could hire  developers,  designers or other talented freelancers with the most-demanded skills. : Odesk is just like Elance. I’ve used it too and it’s a great platform. : This site connects businesses to the top MBA students and alumni to solve critical business problems at affordable prices. : I have used Chris in the past to hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines. You can get somebody to work full-time for you for about $400 / month or so. : This site offers the same service as When I investigated it, I found them to be more expensive and chose Chris Ducker instead. : LinkedIn is a networking website where professionals can post resumes, interact, and exchange ideas. The site has over 135 million professionals, many of whom may be looking for a new job.  There is a cost to posting a job opening on LinkedIn. This cost depends on the geographic location of the job offer. : Craigslist offers several opportunities such as, finding apartments, selling your old couch, or post a job offer, check out job opportunities. Posting in some markets is free; in others, it costs $25 to $75. : Green Lights provides consulting solutions for non-profits for a small yearly fee. Their stated mission is  to strengthen nonprofits for extraordinary performance and impact. : This is a website run by popular Christian leader, Rick Warren. It has a job board where churches and para-church organizations can post jobs. : For a monthly service fee, they take care of your WP website and provide solutions, quick fixes etc. It is good for people who don’t have the resources to hire a full-time person to work on their sites.