Seth Godin writes one of the most popular blogs in the world and has said it is one of the top 5 career choices he has made. He blogs daily. In a 2016 interview, Marie Forleo asked Seth why. Here was his response:

“Even if no one read it. I would blog every day. I think everyone should do so. Here is the reason. If you know that tomorrow you have to say something about something you noticed, about something that might help someone else, about an opinion that you have that might stand the test of time, you will form those opinions, you will notice those things, you will invent that idea. And if day after day and week after week you leave this trail behind of thoughtful examination of your world, you can’t help but get better at whatever it is you seek to do. And if as a byproduct other people read it and trust you more, that’s a jackpot. Right? My goal is not to have more readers. My goal is not to sell more books. My goal is to be trusted in a way that I can make the change that I seek to have happen in the world.” –Seth Godin.

That is exactly why I blog!  Seth Godin just said it better than I could ever say it.

Why I write

I don’t blog because I am gifted.
I don’t blog because I’m an expert or know a lot.
I don’t blog because I want to be famous.
I don’t blog because I want money.

Why I blog

I blog for self-care.

I blog to journal or record my learning: This blog is my notebook or journal of lessons learned. On it, I write down the insights and life lessons that I’ve learned on the way of life. I record these things so that I can review, remember, and pass them on to the next generation.  The reason I must relearn these lessons is that I forget them. Reviewing these life lessons regularly will spare me a lot of unnecessary pain and heartache. I will keep me from repeating my past mistakes. I think it’s crucial for me to keep a firm grip on what I’ve heard so that I don’t drift off.

I blog to grow intentionally: I write because I want to shape my own destiny and help others shape theirs.  I want to make my life and the lives of those I serve better.

I blog to for healing: I write to bring healing to myself, my children, family, friends, patients, and anyone who cares to read my words.

I blog because I ask too many questions. I love to learn and share. I’m always learning and asking tons of questions of experts in different fields. Writing allows me to save it for future review and to share it with others that may have the same questions. I blog because as somehow, my name–Acha-which means “one who goes out searching”–was prophetic and spoke of my inner desire to seek and discover truth.

I blog to share my life’s message. All of us have a message to share.  Sometimes, my message becomes like fire within my bones, I cannot contain it.

I blog for myself, my children, my patients, and anyone who cares about what I know or think.

I blog out of gratitude: For me, writing is one way I show gratitude to those who taught me how to write.

I blog to give back because I’ve received too much. I feel a responsibility to pass on what I’ve received to others who may need it.

I blog to add value to others. I want to give to make others’ lives better. Writing is how I try to contribute and add values to other people’s lives.

I blog to help myself. I write because by helping others, I help myself also.

I blog for fun. It’s fun. It’s cathartic for me to write. It’s a hobby.

Writing keeps me learning. It forces me to be a keen observer of the world around me so that I can learn and report accurately what I’m observing, thinking, feeling, and doing.

Writing helps me record what I learn.

Writing helps me think and process what I’m learning at a deeper level. Writing forces me to think and clarify my thoughts. “Thoughts untangle themselves when they pass through the lips or fingertips”

Writing helps me overcome my fear of vulnerability. In writing, I put my best thoughts out there where others can criticize — which hurts but I’ve learned builds me up.

Writing is a form of communication. You may use writing as one of the ways you communicate or you may choose not to. My question for you is, why do you communicate?

What happens when you read?

You will grow, hopefully.

You will know me more.

You will encourage me to learn more, to share more, and to grow more.