Whether in personal relationships with friends or in business relationships with our customers, whether in private or on social media, we are tempted to say and do things that make us fit it.

We want to say things in our relationships with friends and colleagues that they want to hear. We want to say things and do things with our customers that we think they want to see so that we can impress them and get more sales.

The truth is, if our beliefs and core values aren’t driving what we say and do, sooner or later, when we forget that we were performing, our true colors will come out and people will see us for who we really are. We will then appear to them to be deceptive and they won’t trust us.

The best thing to do is to do what you believe. By doing that, you will draw to yourself those who believe the same things as you.

And when your beliefs change a little bit, as they should when you continue to grow, your tribe will see your evolution and growth. You will also be honest enough to boldly tell them how your beliefs are changing.

It takes courage to do what you believe but that’s the best long-term strategy.