Do you love to learn and write? Have you gone through some challenges and learned lessons that you think can bless others and help them on their life journey?

We invite you to expand your circle of influence

Do you want to increase your circle of influence?

I’m always excited and honored to share my platform with people who want to grow their circle of influence so that they may reach more people with their life-changing content. As one whose passion is to inspire greatness in others and empower them to achieve it, I see it as my responsibility to help others increase their circle of influence so they may do more good.

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Write to Inspire and Empower


Share your life lessons and experience to inspire and empower a growing community of people who come to KennethMD to learn, grow, transform their lives, and impact the world around them. KennethMD readers are looking for articles and media resources on living well, intentionally shaping their own destinies, and designing the healthy and prosperous lives we all want to have.

You can write on any of the following broad topics:

  1. Growth (Personal Development).
  2. Leadership.
  3. Lifestyle – Healthy Lifestyle Changes and Maintainance (Slim Fit Lifestyle).
  4. Work and Calling: Doing work you love and pursuing your calling.
  5. Faith: How to let your faith empower you to be great at work, instead of impeding your work.

Each of those topics is very broad and together they cover any content that is aimed at helping people live better lives. As such, if your article inspires and empowers people, it has a place on KennethMD! If you have any doubts about the suitability of your content for our audience, email us at

Articles submissions

Your article submissions should be:

  • Between 400 and 1000 words in length.
  • In simple English that is free of technical jargon and free of grammatical and spelling errors

Terms and conditions

  • Authors keep the copyrights to their articles and may publish it elsewhere.
  • We advise retouching the piece before publishing it on another online platform avoid duplicate content.
  • Authors give KennethMD the license to publish and keep their piece on its site
  • Include a brief introduction of yourself and a link to your website and social media pages that will be included in the post when it is published.
  • Accepted articles will be published on and may be syndicated to its social media sites and will include a nofollow link in the attribution.
  • Please send your article here this email:

Connecting with our community
If your article is accepted,

  • You will take the responsibility to help promote your post on your social media and your blog (if you have one).
  • You will be required to interact with KennethMD readers and respond to comments on your blog when it is published.